All hats and headpieces are carefully handmade at my London studio. I prefer to use natural materials such as wheat and paper straws, wool felt and rabbit fur felt. The hat bodies are sourced from a trusted supplier in Luton, UK - and most other materials such as wire, trimmings and stiffener too. I use only non-toxic, water based stiffener on all of my styles. The fur felts are imported from the Czech Republic, a byproduct of the meat industry and therefore sustainable.

The beautiful 'Petersham Ribbon' is dyed in Luton and hand stitched to my hats in a lengthy process (I'm getting better and faster with every new hat though...).

The labels are printed in the UK and are 100% cotton.

Care Instructions:

The fur felts have been used in millinery for centuries and have water repelling properties (although I would advise to not get them drenched!). The wool and straw can also handle a little. If your hat gets wet just shake off excess water and dry naturally on a flat surface so the brim doesn't get bent or loose it's shape. Please make sure to keep the paper straw away from water at all times!. Dust can be brushed off with a hat brush. Store your hat flat in a box or the dust bag that comes with it.

The petersham ribbon is 70% rayon and 30% viscose and not colourfast, washable or dry cleanable.

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