All my leather products are handmade in my London studio with great care and attention to detail. I source the skins locally from a trusted supplier who imports them from a family run tannery in Belgium. I work with black vegetable tanned cows leather and am particularly proud of the detailed edges which involve several applications of special varnish and 3 heat treatments plus natural beeswax as a finish. 

All vegetable tanned leather is a byproduct from the meat industry and dyed using an all natural process (think tree barks). My leather products are therefore sustainable.The leather styles come in their own cotton dust bag which I print by hand in my studio.

Care Instructions:


A Natural Product: leather is a natural product and no skin is ever the same which means no bag is ever the same! Scarring and wrinkles are not faults but part of the animal from which the skin was taken. I have to admit that I am in love with these imperfections and choose skins which the most beautiful lines. I also leave the original stamps from the tannery visible. Black Styles: My black leather styles are finished off with carnauba wax, which adds the shine and gives them a little more protection. You may wipe them down with a damp cloth but take care not to expose them to moisture or water too much.

The leather will soften over time and get bruised and take in the natural oils from your skin - it ages beautifully and should develop a natural patina through wear. This is a beautiful process! 

I prefer not to use too much glue so in the rare case of a stud coming off

it can easily be replaced and screwed into place.

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